The Miniature Spelljammer Part 2


Two weeks back I posted about the miniature Spelljammer ship I was building for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign. If you want to check out the initial foam-core build, which shows the process from the keel up, you can find it here.

In today’s post we’ll cover the added features; the grates, portholes, paints, and the EULA my players have to sign. Continue reading “The Miniature Spelljammer Part 2”


Cheap Insect Miniatures (Update)


A few years ago I posted a quick and dirty tutorial on how to transform malformed, cheap, Dollar-Store packs of insect toys into table-worthy miniatures. Since then I have refined my process, as well as found even cheaper materials to use for greater effect. Here is the update, in case you’re gaming on the kind of budget that makes a street hobo look like a sultan. Continue reading “Cheap Insect Miniatures (Update)”

Making ‘The Gaunt’

It’s never a good sign when you find the dungeon master watching Silent Hill with a notepad in his lap. Yet this is how the story of The Gaunt began– by observing the terrifying, the cringe-inducing, and the flesh-crawling moments of one of the grittiest horror films from the last decade. My notes, and thoughts, went something like this:

Horror is most effective when it’s something that can’t be controlled, killed, or turned aside. When horror is a force of nature it becomes more like a nightmare than a bad zombie movie. If it can be stopped with good detective work (The Ring) trapped by arbitrary rules (Dracula) or killed because of a grammatical error (Lord of the Nazgul) then it’s not really horror. It’s a scary monster, like everything else we fight in Dungeons and Dragons. Continue reading “Making ‘The Gaunt’”

Game Miniatures – An Addict’s Warning (Redux)

In tabletop gaming miniatures are tiny representations of the player’s character, NPC’s, and monsters. They’re cast in plastic or pewter, and are available at most hobby and game shops. They come in a variety of sizes from ultra-tiny 2mm, to 54mm, or larger for boss monsters, and can be purchased painted or unpainted. If you’ve ever joined a game with miniatures and table maps, you’re already aware of how much they add to the game.

Continue reading “Game Miniatures – An Addict’s Warning (Redux)”