Cradle To The Grave (Flocking Done Right!1)

cradle_02A few weeks back my fiance’ was going through her old baby things. Among the dolls and clothes was this little gem. She asked if I could think of something creative to do with it and I told her I have just the thing. Continue reading “Cradle To The Grave (Flocking Done Right!1)”


Guest Post – A Work In Progress

il_570xn-1021511764_kes8This is another work-in-progress from our friend over at the miniatures forums, John. Although it’s not quite as creative as our usual posts, it’s still a pretty good bit of terrain. I’d host a short game on it. Continue reading “Guest Post – A Work In Progress”

Battle For The Rim (Best Flocking Job Yet!?)

rim_03Hey there Flockers! This week I wanted to discuss my newest creation–The Rim! I was inspired by a project I saw on etsy where a young, hip couple had decorated their apartment with hubcaps. Anything worth doing to an apartment is worth flocking vigorously. And I remembered seeing some nice hubcaps on the car in the abandoned lot near my house, so I gave it a go! Continue reading “Battle For The Rim (Best Flocking Job Yet!?)”

How To Roleplay A Chronic Drunk (In Character)

If I ask you to pretend to be drunk right now, you might try stumbling around the room like a marionette with half its strings cut. Or you might emulate the inebriate’s native language; the slow-drawl moist-lipped slur. Or, if you’re especially imaginative, you might act confused, like a geriatric with dementia waiting to be wheeled back into your room. These are the common signs of intoxication the media has embedded in our minds. These are the behaviors players will adopt if they check the “alcoholic” box on their character sheet’s list of flaws. And, without exception, these are wrong. Continue reading “How To Roleplay A Chronic Drunk (In Character)”

The Miniature Spelljammer Part 2


Two weeks back I posted about the miniature Spelljammer ship I was building for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign. If you want to check out the initial foam-core build, which shows the process from the keel up, you can find it here.

In today’s post we’ll cover the added features; the grates, portholes, paints, and the EULA my players have to sign. Continue reading “The Miniature Spelljammer Part 2”