Battle For The Rim (Best Flocking Job Yet!?)

rim_03Hey there Flockers! This week I wanted to discuss my newest creation–The Rim! I was inspired by a project I saw on etsy where a young, hip couple had decorated their apartment with hubcaps. Anything worth doing to an apartment is worth flocking vigorously. And I remembered seeing some nice hubcaps on the car in the abandoned lot near my house, so I gave it a go!

rim_01As you can see from the cracks there was some mild damage to the hubcap, since I was really pressed for time and I’ve never pried off a hubcap. The pry-bar slipped a few times, but even with the superficial damage I still think it turned out quite well.

rim_02I also picked up an extra Honda Civic side-skirt, some tire stem caps, and a plastic headlight protector. Items for future projects!

Anyway, see you next week. As always, leave comments and praises below!


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