Battle Bowl (Another Example of Flocking Excellence)

bowl_02Hello again, Flockers. Just wanted to pop in and share yet another flock well done. This is the Bowl project I’ve been working on lately. What you see here is approximatedly 100+ hours of labor… (The grains of flocking kept wanting to move, and my tweezers are getting old.)

bowl_03Worth the time? I definitely think so!

bowl_01The bowl itself came from an office party we had last Christmas. I saw that they were throwing it out and I asked if I could keep it. Everyone from Cube City (our cubicle room) thought it was funny. I had to explain what flocking is, which only raised more questions, so I had to explain game terrain to them, and D&D, and the differences between the minor and major deities. Talk about a bunch of “Casuals”!!


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